Calling girls and Pornstars in the Narita, Tokyo area. Delivery Rates, Narita ever top discount fee
Other system
Business trip to home
+1,000 yen
Extension 30 minutes
8,000 yen
This nomination
1,000 yen
Net nomination
Free of charge
Only as for the transportation expenses
Free of charge
Transportation expenses
Free of charge
Narita City, Tomisato Narita Inter Fuli Inter Narita Airport near
1,000 yen
Daiei Inter near-Shisui-Shibayama
2,000 yen
Katori City, Sakura City, Yotsukaido City, Yachimata, Yamatake City and Tako
3,000 yen
Yachiyo, Chiba City, Inzai-Togane-Sosa-Yokoshibahikari
4,000 yen
Kamisu (Ibaraki Prefecture)

※Please refer for the details of transportation expenses.
It fluctuates by a business trip place in the same city.

Japan's Finest High Class Escort Agency The Most Beautiful and Finest Escorts, Call Girls and Pornstars in the Narita area.

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